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JEC Distributors Inc.

Created in January 2000, JEC Distributors has serviced the automotive manufacturing sector as a distributor of welding products, accessories, tools, and automation. JEC Distributors currently offers its own line of products under the Copperhead brand. The Copperhead lineup includes weld cap changers, tip dressers, a combination tip dresser/changer unit, tip dresser cutter blades and holders, weld gun covers, and force gauges.

When JEC Distributors approached DevUp, they had very specific website design and functionality in mind.  Their managers and marketing people had spent countless hours devising the perfect experience for their customers while showcasing their different global brands.  Although JEC had all the branding and strategy sorted out, they needed someone to do the heavy lifting and make it all work online.  Enter DevUp.

DevUp used their strategy, graphics, and design ideas to create one home for all their global brands and subsidiaries.  The website features a mobile-friendly interface with a modern layout and design.  The documentation and technical manuals for their products were difficult to keep up to date on their previous site, so DevUp created an integration with their document management system which automatically publishes changes to their manuals and documents each night. Their customers can now get the most up to date information about the products without any manual intervention from JEC.