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Adventures Marine Zodiac Boat Tours

Adventures Marine Zodiac Tours provides an elite, one-of-a-kind seal watching adventure to Governors Island out on Hillsborough Bay in Charlottetown, PEI in a 24′ Zodiac.

As a fledgling tourism company, just starting out in the big scary online world, Adventures Marine was looking for an awesome online booking experience for their customers. Being in the tourism industry and competing against other, more well-established companies, they knew they needed an online presence that garnered attention. Enter DevUp.

We used our Tour Booking System, which is beautiful from the public site but also allows them to easily manage and take bookings from their iPad on the Zodiac.  The website has a fun and visually interesting interface with moving bubbles in the background as well as bold images at interesting angles.  The customers feel like they are just a step away from an invigorating and fun boat tour.