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Industry Systems

We build more than just websites, we’re your partner for projects of all shapes and sizes. From working and dreaming with some of our awesome clients we’ve found some great opportunities to make people’s lives easier by building and deploying user-friendly web-based industry systems. We’ve talked to the users, listened and actioned their feedback and made these systems available at a fraction of the cost of a custom build.  Learn more about the systems below or view a live demo and see how a DevUp industry system can save you time and money.

  • Tour Booking System

    DevUp has created a custom WordPress based Booking System, designed for the Tourism Industry.  We recognize the dynamic nature of the tourism industry and we believe the booking system used should be just as dynamic. Our Tour Booking System is built to seamlessly integrate with your website, or be used as a standalone application.

  • ISO Cloud eSystem

    The ISO Cloud eSystem was built in conjunction with Quality Management Services, a division of Quality Services Consulting. The goal was to build an electronic system to streamline the paperwork involved in maintaining an ISO Quality Management System.  We’ve developed a modular management system that allows clients to shed the paper and clipboards and adopt tablets and computers to track and assess their quality programs.

  • DevUp Application Platform (DevAP)

    The DevUp Application Platform, affectionately known by us as DevAP allows us to build awesome custom web applications to drive efficiency and information accessibility for our clients.  By building a flexible platform to allow applications to be created, maintained, and grown DevUp is able to create a more tailored system for our clients without the high cost of a custom application. 

  • eLearning Hosted System

    Are you looking to offer your training online?  DevUp can brand and host an eLearning portal for your company.  Host your own SCORM eLearning courses, track assessments, issue certificates, and incentivize your learners to upgrade their training with an in-house training portal.