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WordPress RESCUE!

Is your WordPress website in trouble?  Is it slow? Infected with Malware? Being held hostage by another web company? We’ve got highly skilled Web Ninjas that can assess, move, and repair your existing website regardless of where it is hosted now.  Once authorized. we’ll work with your current provider to move your website, email, and domain names over to DevUp.

Security Sweep RESCUE RESCUE+
This is the plan for you if… You suspect your website was hacked and you’d like it cleaned the most cost effective way possible You suspect your website was hacked and you’ve had performance issues with your current web host Your website has been hacked multiple times or is not functioning properly
Security Scan and Intrusion Assessment
Hosting Assessment
WordPress System Cleanup
Theme Assessment and Basic Cleanup
WordPress Website and Domain (optional) Migration
1 Year WordPress Hosting
1 Year WordPress Managed Updates
1 Year Wordfence Premium Subscription ($99 value)
Plugin Replacement and Cleanup
1 Year WordPress Managed Updates
Theme Replacement and Cleanup
Custom coding and code replacement/cleanup (hourly) Normal Rate Normal Rate Reduced Rate!
Get Started! Get Started! Get Started!