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At DevUp we want to make you feel like we’ve got your back – we do this by using new tools combined with good old-fashioned customer service.  As always, if the issue is our fault, we’ll fix it at no charge to you. We have three awesome levels of customer service,

1. Emergency Service – Something is on FIRE!!

This level of support garners the highest priority with DevUp but also has the most responsibility for you as the customer.  We treat Emergency requests as real emergencies and we try and drop everything (where possible) to get the issue resolved. Please make sure the issue requires the weight of an emergency request – if it can wait until nighttime, please use the Important Service request process below.

Steps to follow

  1. Gather as much information as you can, this helps us fix things fast!
    • Screenshots, Error Messages, Steps to replicate if possible
  2. Relay your issue using a service request
    • Online: devup.ca/emergency
    • Email: emergency@devup.ca
    • Phone: (647) 490-5055, Press 5, then 5 again
    • DO NOT initiate Emergency Requests through the customer portal
    • Requests are answered by a Canada-based after-hours call center, and our Development Ninjas are contacted immediately
  3. You may not immediately get a response from our team, but we will be looking at your issue within 15 minutes and will get in touch whether we have a solution or not


2. Important Service – This is painful, but we will survive until tomorrow

The Important service level is for issues that are causing you pain but we can wait until the overnight maintenance window.  You submit these requests as normal service requests but identify in your request that the issue is important and you would like it to be done today.

3. Normal Service Request – Get this done when the dust settles

If you find a bug or something you would like changed or added, send it along and we’ll schedule it in at our earliest availability.  You can always request a status update or move it up on the priority list by logging into the customer portal.