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Budding Equity

Budding Equity Inc. (BEi), through its Licensing & Consumer Products, Asset Management, and Content divisions, has changed how the markets look at accessing and investing in the cannabis industry. Founded in 2015, BEi has emerged as an industry leader, partnering with major brands on licensing and marketing cannabis accessories, providing asset management guidance and educating senior executives on navigating this new and complex business. Budding Equity Inc.’s unique expertise in both the regulatory and cultural aspects of the burgeoning cannabis market has cemented its reputation as the credible market resource in an industry that is not yet well understood.

Dan’s vision was to build an empire with Budding Equity. Through the Licensing & Consumer Products division of BE, Dan has secured the worldwide rights to a number of popular intellectual properties for the purposes of making licensed marijuana accessories, such as Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke™, Trailer Park Boys™ and Family Guy™. Budding Equity also enjoys a close relationship with director Kevin Smith, working together to produce accessories with the Jay & Silent Bob™ brand. Enter DevUp.

DevUp produced the first iteration of the website, an informational site giving a broad overview of Budding Equity’s three divisions. Expansion plans are being laid out currently to develop the website into an online shopping portal for BE’s licensed accessories as well as provide daily and historical information about the Emerging AgroSphere Index ETF.

BE and DevUp have come together in a long-term relationship to continue expanding upon the BE Empire, and DevUp is excited at the prospects of a long and fruitful partnership with BE.