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Island Confidential Associates

Island Confidential Associates is a Charlottetown, PEI based Business Services company. They provide a number of business support services including discovery hearings, legal and medical transcription, conference/meeting recording, and outsourced administration.

Island Confidential Associates needed to make their business more accessible online to their customers — Online Booking and Online Transcription Ordering were top of their list of features requested.  They wanted a simple user interface that makes it easy for their customers to get the information they need.  Enter DevUp.

DevUp built a website with elaborate online forms for their customers to convey exactly the information needed to make doing business with them a snap.  The Office 365 online booking system is seamlessly integrated with their website allowing the power of the standalone booking system with the feeling of never leaving the website.  Each of the services Island Confidential offers is color-coded on the website when you click on the service the website colors change to match.  At DevUp we understand sometimes the small features are the ones that make our clients stand out the most – without over-complicating the site.