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Atlantic Enterprise Ltd

Atlantic Enterprise Ltd. is a utility industry specialist serving telephone, power, municipal and heavy construction needs in Atlantic Canada. From telecommunications construction to the installation of aerial devices, they are the leader in utility construction and mechanical services on Prince Edward Island.

Atlantic Enterprise was in need of a streamlined system to make it easier for their crews on the road to remain compliant with their ISO programs and communicate their progress on projects more efficiently and in real-time. Enter DevUp.

DevUp implemented two web-based systems built on our custom designed application platform, which we call DevAP.  The ISO Cloud eSystem allows Atlantic Enterprise to manage risk, control and implement change, and create non-conformance reports (NCR) from an easy to use mobile-friendly web-based interface.  By moving their ISO systems to the cloud, they’ve increased visibility and efficiency across all departments.  The Job Manager (also built on DevAP) allows automation of job entry from a fillable PDF uploaded directly into the system.  This reduced the manual labour of having to type the details of each job into spreadsheets and logs.  Once the job has been added, it moves through the stages of work with each team member logging their notes and creating billable entries which are nicely formatted in a report that is used for their billing.  From a glance at the dashboard, managers can see exactly where the jobs are in the process.

Aside from efficient custom systems, we also designed and developed a snazzy new public website for Atlantic Enterprise, featured in the photo.  The website features moving graphics and bold images along with useful features like online job applications and online payments.