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Welcome to our new website!

May 21, 2017

Have you ever run a marathon? Well, we certainly haven’t but we feel like we have after building this website.  You’d think being in the website business and building our own website would be a piece of cake, right?  Wrong!  We had so many great ideas for our site that we got overwhelmed, and we’re so busy making all of our clients look great online that our site took a back seat.  We finally had to lock ourselves in the office after hours on a Friday to put the final push on getting the website live.

We poured our heart and soul into the site. I know that sounds cliché, but we really did.  There are lots of hidden meanings, fun features, quirks, and nostalgia. There may even be an easter egg here and there that you’ll have to sniff out on your own.  We wanted this site to be fun and reflect our personality as a company.  We’re not a stuffy web company, we’re people who love what we do and love making clients look great online.

Along with all the cute animations, hidden references, and tongue-in-cheek sassery (we know that’s not a word) there are also really useful features that will make working with us as easy as the flip phones kids don’t even know existed. We’ve added a way for our clients to unblock themselves when our overly-aggressive firewalls lock them out, a way to pay us online, easy access to our customer portal, and a GREAT BIG PANIC BUTTON when you are at your wits end with your technology.