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Hotel Website

Does your hotel need a website?  Is your current website not working for your? DevUp has a pre-built website for you! Unlike other templated sites or build-your-own website platforms, we give you the look and feel of a custom built site for a fraction of the price with very quick deployment. We keep the price low by using the same layout and features that are standard for all hotels but we customize the colors, photos, and content to suit your operation. By having the base features ready to go at a moments notice we can launch your new site in just a few days. Even if you’ve left the website to the last minute, we’ve got your back!

Once your site is on our platform we can build a completely custom theme at any time and “flip the switch” to an upgraded look for a seamless transition with no downtime. We recommend startups and small restaurants start with the pre-built option to get going fast and to learn what their real needs are before making the investment in a custom solution.

Here are some of the great features included in the pre-built hotel site

Full content management – login at any time and change information, hours and prices
Customized hours – Quickly change your hours, add holiday closures, and special hours
Check Availability/Book Online – Allow guests to select their arrival, departure, and number of guests directly on your website and send them to the booking system of your choice
Reviews – Link to popular review sites and display reviews within your website
Maps and Directions – Integrate Google Maps into your website to help guests locate your property with ease