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Budding Equity Inc. (BEi), through its Licensing & Consumer Products, Asset Management, and Content divisions, has changed how the markets look at accessing and investing in the cannabis industry. Founded in 2015, BEi has emerged as an industry leader, partnering with major brands on licensing and marketing cannabis accessories, providing asset management guidance and educating senior executives on navigating this new and complex business. Budding Equity Inc.’s unique expertise in both the regulatory and cultural aspects of the burgeoning cannabis market has cemented its reputation as the credible market resource in an industry that is not yet well understood.

Dan’s vision was to build an empire with Budding Equity. Through the Licensing & Consumer Products division of BE, Dan has secured the worldwide rights to a number of popular intellectual properties for the purposes of making licensed marijuana accessories, such as Cheech & Chong’s Up In Smoke™, Trailer Park Boys™ and Family Guy™. Budding Equity also enjoys a close relationship with director Kevin Smith, working together to produce accessories with the Jay & Silent Bob™ brand. Enter DevUp.

DevUp produced the first iteration of the website, an informational site giving a broad overview of Budding Equity’s three divisions. Expansion plans are being laid out currently to develop the website into an online shopping portal for BE’s licensed accessories as well as provide daily and historical information about the Emerging AgroSphere Index ETF.

BE and DevUp have come together in a long-term relationship to continue expanding upon the BE Empire, and DevUp is excited at the prospects of a long and fruitful partnership with BE.

Mermaid Suites is a 4-star boutique accommodation in the heart of Charlottetown.  These family owned and operated luxury suites are just steps away from Province House, the birthplace of Confederation.

Mermaid Suites needed a refreshed website that would allow customers to easily book online using their existing Book PEI reservation system.  They wanted the site to be built with mobile-first in mind to make it easy for their smartphone-using guests to get the information they need quickly and easily.  Enter DevUp.

DevUp created a bright and curvy website with all the important information close at hand.  We integrated with the Book PEI system allowing guests to select their travel dates and number of guests right on the website and securely pass their reservation to Book PEI to finalize.  Tourism businesses rely on reviews to drive further business and to give guests reassurance they made the right choice for their stay in beautiful PEI.  DevUp integrated Trip Advisor reviews several ways in the site to make sure guests could see and leave reviews as easily as possible.

Click to visit the website.

Great Dental Clinics is a Large database search platform of over 400,000 dental clinics worldwide. They provide services that would deliver the most efficient and reliable results in a timely manner. For over a decade, people were trying to find the best and most trusted local dentist in the neighborhood.

At Great Dental Clinics, their mission is to provide the most convenient and fastest approach in finding local dentists or dental clinics from any location or any region worldwide. Enter DevUp.

From the first time you look at the Great Dental Clinics website, you can tell it is jam-packed with awesome technology to make it easy to find a local dentist.  DevUp used geo-positioning to map the locations of dental clinics that are nearest to the user, while also providing a way for the dental clinics to pay for priority listings and other great SEO features.  We integrated Stripe’s recurring billing into the account management area to allow for 24-hour-a-day self-service account upgrades and downgrades.  The listings allow the dental clinics to claim their listing, manage the photos and contact information.  Users can leave reviews telling others how much they love their dentist!

Brits Fish & Chips is a family-run restaurant in Charlottetown that has been serving locally-sourced ingredients since 2005. Brits was in need of a fresh look and a mobile-friendly website to better serve their customers. Enter DevUp.

We created an authentic British-style website to match their authentic British-style food.  The website looks great, but is also packed with awesome features that blend in with the overall look of the site.  The hours of operation are easily managed in the administration of the site and are also tied to an Open/Closed sign in the header of the site.  This sign changes based on the hours and holiday schedule set by Brits management.

The daily specials are easily added through the administration of the site and can be assigned to a specific day or as an every day special.  The old-style paper on the left of the site dynamically changes based on the day and what specials have been loaded in by management.

Updating the menu on the site and having it look great on mobile devices was a struggle for Brits on their old site.  We implemented an awesome menu manager that lets them manage the menu items and pricing easily in a list view while the website formats and makes them responsive on their own.  Brits tells us it is easier to update their menu on the website than it is on their point of sale!

Atlantic Enterprise Ltd. is a utility industry specialist serving telephone, power, municipal and heavy construction needs in Atlantic Canada. From telecommunications construction to the installation of aerial devices, they are the leader in utility construction and mechanical services on Prince Edward Island.

Atlantic Enterprise was in need of a streamlined system to make it easier for their crews on the road to remain compliant with their ISO programs and communicate their progress on projects more efficiently and in real-time. Enter DevUp.

DevUp implemented two web-based systems built on our custom designed application platform, which we call DevAP.  The ISO Cloud eSystem allows Atlantic Enterprise to manage risk, control and implement change, and create non-conformance reports (NCR) from an easy to use mobile-friendly web-based interface.  By moving their ISO systems to the cloud, they’ve increased visibility and efficiency across all departments.  The Job Manager (also built on DevAP) allows automation of job entry from a fillable PDF uploaded directly into the system.  This reduced the manual labour of having to type the details of each job into spreadsheets and logs.  Once the job has been added, it moves through the stages of work with each team member logging their notes and creating billable entries which are nicely formatted in a report that is used for their billing.  From a glance at the dashboard, managers can see exactly where the jobs are in the process.

Aside from efficient custom systems, we also designed and developed a snazzy new public website for Atlantic Enterprise, featured in the photo.  The website features moving graphics and bold images along with useful features like online job applications and online payments.

Have you ever run a marathon? Well, we certainly haven’t but we feel like we have after building this website.  You’d think being in the website business and building our own website would be a piece of cake, right?  Wrong!  We had so many great ideas for our site that we got overwhelmed, and we’re so busy making all of our clients look great online that our site took a back seat.  We finally had to lock ourselves in the office after hours on a Friday to put the final push on getting the website live.

We poured our heart and soul into the site. I know that sounds cliché, but we really did.  There are lots of hidden meanings, fun features, quirks, and nostalgia. There may even be an easter egg here and there that you’ll have to sniff out on your own.  We wanted this site to be fun and reflect our personality as a company.  We’re not a stuffy web company, we’re people who love what we do and love making clients look great online.

Along with all the cute animations, hidden references, and tongue-in-cheek sassery (we know that’s not a word) there are also really useful features that will make working with us as easy as the flip phones kids don’t even know existed. We’ve added a way for our clients to unblock themselves when our overly-aggressive firewalls lock them out, a way to pay us online, easy access to our customer portal, and a GREAT BIG PANIC BUTTON when you are at your wits end with your technology.