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Lighthouse Mosaic

The inspiration photo

I don’t know if you’ve ever made the trip out east to Prince Edward Island, but the scenery is gorgeous, the people are friendly and, well, there’s lighthouses. A lot of lighthouses.

This isn’t the first project that I was inspired by the Island, and it probably won’t be the last. This project took over a year to complete, though I did take a few breaks to work on other smaller projects in the middle of it.

For this project, I looked for a photo that captured the essence of the Island – a lighthouse, the ocean, a beach and a sunset. I found this photo of the West Point Lighthouse posted by the PEI Tourism Board and fell in love with it, and set out to do my best to do it justice.

The medium for this project was Opus Romano tiles – these are 1/2″ square tiles that are cut by hand into the slices you see in the project, then glued onto the substrate.

Progress Photos

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