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Lighthouse Stained Glass Lamp

I wanted to make something for Nick for a gift that was memorable – and from what I’ve been told, I totally succeeded on this one.

I had wanted a challenge, and I found one – even Akram at Gabra Studios thought this one would be difficult. I came across the idea on Pinterest (don’t judge!) and decided that I wanted to give it a go. I won’t lie, this one really stretched my skills to the limit (not that that’s hard), but I, and more importantly, Nick, are very happy with the finished product.

After a very hair-raising flight from Toronto to Charlottetown with the lighthouse in my carry-on, it arrived in one piece (well, the number of pieces it was supposed to be in, anyways) and now sits proudly in the window of Nick’s condo.

I really can’t thank Akram enough for his guidance and assistance on this project. It couldn’t have been done without him.

Progress Photos

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