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Yes!  We have a page specifically dedicated to rescuing websites in trouble. We typically work in within the realm of WordPress but if your site is on a different platform we can certainly take a look.  Sometimes the underlying security issues mean it is hard for us to completely remove infected code if it was not originally built to our quality standards.  The good news is, we’ve rebuilt countless sites to make them look and function exactly as an existing site with our security practices in mind.  Get in touch to discuss your specific needs!


We selected WordPress as our primary platform for a reason.  We are able to extend the functionality of WordPress beyond a content management system or blogging platform.  Although this is true about other platforms as well, WordPress makes it easy for our customers to update the content of the site and has a user-friendly interface.  There are platforms that are easier for us to work with as developers but they are not as easy for our customer. We care about the happiness of our customers, we use WordPress!

Most websites are now running on a Content Management System (CMS) which acts as a back office administration tool for the information displayed on your website.  You can typically change information and pictures with access to the CMS but the template or theme of the website will remain static without changes to the underlying code.  Most of our websites run WordPress as the CMS and the web address you would visit to login would be www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin, replacing yourdomain.com with the actual domain name of the website you are accessing.  If you do not have a username and password for the CMS you can try resetting the password or you can submit a Service Request and someone from our team will assist you.

As part of our server security policy, we maintain robust firewall rules to prevent unauthorized access to your website and our servers. If the firewall detects a number of incorrect password entries it will assume a third party is trying to gain access and then block that IP address from accessing the website or any other resources hosted by DevUp. If you enter your username or password incorrectly into your Website, Email, Control Panel or FTP you will be blocked. If you have forgotten your password please contact support and we’ll assist before you get blocked.  If you are already blocked, you can unblock your IP using our IP Unblock Tool.

cPanel is the customer-facing control panel for any hosting account with DevUp.  cPanel is part of the larger WHM (Web Hosting Manager) that we use to manage hosting accounts on our servers.  With the cPanel login information, you can manage many aspects of your hosting including In-House email addresses and forwarders, MX Records, Files, FTP, redirects, and much more.  cPanel is not the same as the Content Management System (WordPress for example) which is for updating the text, images, and other content on the public website.

You can submit Emergency and normal Service Requests online through our website or by calling the main DevUp phone number.  If you’d rather email the request directly, you can send it to support@devup.ca

Yes and No (helpful,right!).  We selected WordPress for a reason – it’s simple for our customers to operate and maintain. We do occasionally work on other systems but we have found that if a website or custom system comes to us for work, there are usually underlying problems or optimizations that the client would like to make moving forward.  It will be easier for us and cheaper for our client to make the changes on the WordPress platform.  We have converted many websites and systems from other platforms to WordPress and have maintained the same or better look and feel as well as functionality.  We evaluate each project and talk to the client about their long-term goals.  If it makes sense for the client, we will work on other systems.

Your domain name can be compared to a phone number.  The www.yourcompany.com address provides an easy way for customers to find your website online.  The domain name is pointed to the server that hosts the website so when you type the domain in a web browser, it will look up the numerical address of the server and route the traffic automatically.  Domains are typically renewed on an annual basis and if the domain name expires, traffic will no longer be routed to the server (and will not show the website) but the website is not gone.  Think of it like your friend moving away and not leaving a forwarding address.

Yes!  We will work with you to assess and relocate your existing website no matter what platform it runs on.  During the evaluation, we will assess the condition of the website and determine if the website is suitable from a security perspective to move to our servers.  Although we do not share accounts among websites, we also do not want rogue websites attracting attention to our servers.  If the site is not in a suitable condition to move, we can rebuild it quickly and easily.